Renewable Energy Resume

Renewable Energy Certifications
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Solar Photovoltaic Installer, October, 2009
Certified Commercial PV Site Assessor, Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) October, 2009
Certified Residential Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) Site Assessor MREA February, 2008
Certified AET (Advanced Energy Technologies) Installer Jacksonville, FL, March, 2007
Certified Residential Photovoltaic (PV) Site Assessor, MREA August, 2006
NABCEP PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge May, 2006

Renewable Energy Education - Workshops Completed from (MREA) - Custer, WI:
April 28, 2006 - Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems,
The basics of solar domestic hot water systems. History, applications, different types of systems, materials used, basic system design, mounting systems, system sizing, consumption and analyzed, assessed specific site to optimize system placement. Focused on closed loop water heating systems.

April 29, 2006 - Solar Space Heating Systems, 
Intermediate solar hot water. System charging, troubleshooting, flushing system, pressurizing systems. Space heating types, high mass radiant, under floor radiant, tubing layout and active solar air heating systems.

May 10-11, 2006 - Basic Photovoltaics / PV Site Assessor Training,
The basics of general photovoltaic components, design, electricity, solar citing and tracking. Photovoltaic system types, mounting, and performance. Tracked sun path with solar pathfinder, studied solar orientation, azimuth, latitude and tilt angle. Performed site analysis, load analysis and studied conservation measures, analyzed conservation potential from load shifting to lower electrical demand.

May 12-13th, 2006 - Intermediate Photovoltaics,
Performed in depth site analysis considering all future growth and expansion. Learned in depth features of components and balance of systems, such as combiner boxes, inverters, disconnects, charge controllers. Studied building Integrated PV systems, aesthetics, system costing. Covered in depth differences of system types and applications. Mounting options such as trackers and adjustable systems.

September 8-9, 2006 - Solar Domestic Hot Water Installation,
Successfully installed Solar Hot Water system that included: a 8' tall x 40' long solar collector, with 3 - 40' runs of 1" copper, a 400 gallon storage tank. We fabricated 3 - 60' coils of copper into heat exchangers. Fabricated a heat 20 ' long shunt. Fabricated and soldered copper tubing, installing pressure valves, shutoffs, temper valves. Pressurized system, checked for leaks. Bled system and charged solar loop. Mixed glycol/water solar fluid. Measured system performance.

May 18, 2007 - PV - Wind Hybrid Design,
Covered essential elements needed to design, site and size a wind/hybrid system. Detailed tower sizing, wind resource mapping, wind turbine types and expected performance. Design elements including maximizing inherent system performance based on given resources. Examined Wind/ PV integration and energy storage considerations. Wind tower and turbine maintenance. Designed system.

May 19, 2007 - Advancements in PV,
Updated and latest in PV equipment used in PV installation. Detailed analysis of latest gear (panels, controllers, mounting structures, disconnection means, batteries). Studied the latest methods for installing PV systems up to National Electric Code (NEC) and building code standards efficiently and safely.

June 15, 2007 - Photovoltaics for Professionals,
In-depth analysis of issues for PV systems relating to NEC Section 690. Electric Code and building issues in PV system design and specification will be covered as well as issues concerning product requirements, wiring, grounding and labeling.

Oct 24, 2007- Commercial PV Site Assessor Training,
Overview of the MREA Commercial PV Site Assessor requirements and process,commercial solar electric site assessment report template, different incentives available to businesses and how they interact, spreadsheet based solar economic modeling tools, and site assessment bureaucracy.

Oct 26-27, 2007- Solar Water Site Assessor Training,
Obtained information and process required to perform a solar water heating assessment for the Focus on Energy program and for the homeowner to assess their own site. Learned how to assess a home for its potential for a solar domestic hot water system. Students will learn how to define a site solar window, interpret solar radiation and temperature data, size a system, identify system components, determine the best location for collectors, and determine structural integrity for an installation.

May 19-24, 2008- Homebrew Wind Turbine Workshop,
Taught by Other Power's Dan Bartman, Door County Wisconsin.Learned the process of building a wind turbine from scratch, fabricated three 3 phase axial flux alternators, carved wooden blades and welded metal frame work for the turbines. Learned basic alternator electric theory and applied it to real wind machines, wood working, metal working, resin casting and a variety of other skills. Completed and tested 10' diameter (rated at approximately 700 Watts) wind turbine. Worked towards the completion of a larger 17' diameter 3000 Watt turbine and fully completed a 3rd machine (12' diameter - 1000 Watts). These turbines are designed for battery charging systems. Workshop held at Mick Sagrillo's workshop (formerly Lake Michigan Wind and Sun).

RE Workshops completed thru the Solar Energy International, Carbondale, CO
May 19-20, 2006 - Successful Solar Business,
Topics included establishing and operating a successful solar business through existing business and solar business models.

May 21-26, 2006 - Advanced Photovoltaics,
Covered in depth sizing for stand alone systems and battery charge controllers, battery maintenance, battery trouble shooting. In depth study of inverters and inverter selection and sizing. In depth study of system performance and monitoring. Detailed study of 2005 National Electric Code for wiring, labeling, disconnects, system grounding and ground fault protection. System troubleshooting and repair. Operational safety and general safety procedures. Analyzed battery meter readings. Building Integrated PV examples and history. PV System reporting and data analysis. In depth study of solar panel performance characteristics for open circuit voltage and short circuit current. Examined differences in manufacturer fusing and disconnect boxes. In depth study of system design and balance of system placement. Studied grid tied hybrid systems. Battery performance characteristics and different battery types. Studied Wire sizing, temperature duration, conduit fill duration, terminal rating and cable de-rating. Inter-row PV panel shading. Calculated for PV system % voltage drop, busbar sizing.

Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Indiana University, 1988

Published Works

Authored several renewable energy articles for the Ryder Magazine and The MREA newsletter.

2009 Professional Development
February 2009 – NEC (national electric code) 2008 section 690. Mesa, AZ -Taught by Bill Brooks,
Brooks Engineering. Course Goal: Facilitate the installation of safe code compliant PV systems. Discourage “fly-by-nights” by making all system installers follow the steps that a good installer does. Topics covered: DC wiring, system grounding, wiring methods, labeling, generally accepted construction techniques, NEC changes for 2008.

February 2009 – Product Development Seminars: Mesa, AZ - DP&W 4 hour seminar on latest PV mounting techniques, Fronius inverters residential 4 hour seminar. On-Grid Solar Economics 4 hour seminar cost /benefit tools and analysis. Midnite Solar balance of systems and charge controllers, battery based applications 4 hour seminar.
March 2009 – USDA “rural development” Webinar the purchase of renewable energy systems, guidelines, qualifications, SMA Commercial Inverters Webinar, Uni-Rac Rapid Rac G10 PV Commercial Mounting Webinar.
June 2009 – MREA fair, Custer WI: PV advancements workshop. Designing water pumping solutions with PV.
October 2009 – SMA Solar Academy, Dayton,OH - Commerical Systems Design Training, PV System Design, Installation, PV troubleshooting, communications technical training for Sunny Central Inverters.

Renewable Energy Curriculum Development

March 2009, January 2010 – MREA, Renewable Energy Curriculum Summit Custer, WI
Shared latest PV industry trends, developments with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association to further the development of their course materials and textbook. Participated in group study to improve and update PV coursework, integrating latest field trends and methods to installing and designing PV systems. Identified specific tasks and course objectives to be integrated in the next workshop manual iteration. Discussed benefits of different teaching philosophies and methods.

June 2009 – PV Manual Review MREA- Custer, WI
Reviewed latest iteration of MREA PV manual, marked up manual to improve and update material. Added teaching and text points of emphasis, provided review of questions and quiz. Suggested substantial expansion of course materials to include latest in NEC requirements, panel, inverter, balance of system types. Helped refine and target teaching points.

Teaching History
Photovoltaic Classes Taught for the Indiana Department of Energy/MREA:
February 2009 - Basic PV - Ivy Tech Campus, South Bend Indiana, February 3rd
February 2009 - Basic PV - Fort Wayne Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana, February 4th

Photovoltaic Classes Taught for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association:
March 2009 – Basic PV - Greyslake Community College, Greyslake, IL, March 28th
June 2009 – Renewable Energy Fair Presenter, PV mounting, system types, solar cells, applications.-Custer, WI. 
July 25, 2009 - Basic PV Greyslake Community College, Greyslake, IL
October 10, 2009 - Heartland Community College, Bloomington, IL