Solar fans qualify for 30% Federal 
Residential and Business Energy Tax Credit

One of the most straight forward, affordable and intelligent applications of solar technology. Usually the first step for homeowners on a budget but ready to get started implementing renewable energy technology.  Solar attic fans actively manage the heat and moisture build up in your attic space year round. In the summer, solar attic fans lower the heat build up in attic spaces. By lowering the heat build up in the attic, your air conditioner does not work as hard (saving you money $!) and your comfort level goes up. In the winter, solar attic fans extend roof life by controlling moisture build up that can lead to mold and ice dams.  These fans are made right here in Indiana. By installing solar fans you support our state and local economy and get money back from the U.S government in the form of a 30% tax credit, it's a win - win!

Solar-powered attic fans utilize an 11, 15, or 20 watt PV module to move up to 850, 1050, or 1250 cfm in full sun from your attic. The cover and base are paintable, molded, UV-stabilized, ABS plastic. The 5 bladed, 12" aluminum fan is pitched for maximum air flow and a stainless steel screen keeps critters out.

Each fan can have an optional factory equipped thermal on-off switch. When attic temps exceed 80 degrees F, the fan turns on. When temps drop below 65 degrees F, it shuts off. If temps do not fall below 65 degrees overnight, the fan will start with the morning sun. The thermostat is simple to bypass in the field if desired.

The flat base of each model measures 24.5" x 24.5" and the overall fan height is 7". The 850 cools as much as 1200 sqft; the 1050 cools as much as 1600 sqft; and the 1250 cools up to 2000 sqft.

5 year warranty on motor and 10 years on PV module and other parts. 

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