2016 Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair

I just got back from the MREA Energy Fair that concluded last Sunday. It was another great event hosted by a fabulous group: The Midwest Renewable Association.

Over 17,000 people attended the sunny weekend event in Central Wisconsin. I attended a number of workshop and seminars addressing sustainable living, the National Electric Code, advancements in equipment and updates to Midwest energy policies.

During these meetings and workshops we met solar professionals, installers and industry representatives from nine different states. The general consensus is that solar installations and solar employment opportunities are growing.  The Midwest market has a lot of potential, especially with the extended 30% federal tax credit and additional state incentives in Illinois and Minnesota.

The future for solar looks very bright and after attending the fair I feel energized and recharged. If you have never attended this event, I would highly recommend that you attend at least once.

For more information on the MREA Energy fair, visit their website.