Alex did a great job every step of the way. He was responsive when we had questions and he went out of his way to make sure we understood the product and installation process. I hope we can work with him again.
— Steve Cotter, Manager - City of Bloomington Department of Natural Resources
Alex Jarvis and his crew had a deeper understanding and knowledge of the technology when compared to other installers we talked to, they were professionals.
— Tom Mayer, Homeowner
Highly recommended. They were very professional, polite, and very reasonably priced.
— Deanna Davis, Homeowner
Alex Jarvis is a excellent PV designer and installer. I am very grateful that I did not attempt to build this system without this expertise. Alex Jarvis helped us in every way to get our system online. I would have been working at this for way too long without Alex handling all the IMPORTANT details. Having his expertise on our side has been very valuable and rewarding.
— Terry Usrey, Lecturer - IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Mr. Jarvis was an absolute professional who was always willing to take the time to talk with me and keep me informed of the progress of the work on my solar system. When I sought his services, I was living nearly two thousand miles from my house and Mr. Alex Jarvis took care of all the details that I was unable to see to myself from such a great distance. Most importantly, the work was done promptly, skillfully and at a fraction of the price that I was quoted from other out-of-town installers. Thanks for the piece mind Alex.
— Kris Blair -Former Evergreen Village Homeowner in Bloomington, IN
Alex and Wes, Thank you so much for a job well done! We are so grateful to have found such a terrific crew crew to install our solar system. Best regards, Jim and Shelly
— The Mahoney's, Homeowner
Solar Indiana always signs their correspondence with “energetically yours”. This encapsulates their attitude toward answering their customers’ alternative energy questions as well as providing solutions in the confusing world of solar power. Anyone who is beginning to explore solar voltaics quickly is overwhelmed. It’s like being in the toothpaste isle in the supermarket only much more expensive. A good consultant is willing to listen and help the client sort through all the options. Alex and his team at Solar Indiana are committed to the promise of alternative power and really want to help. In my case, the solution was strict grid tie. I couldn’t be happier with my installation. It is performing over expected ratings and promises to be a small part of the long march necessary to this country’s need for energy independence. Additionally, Solar Indiana connected me with a “Green Tag” aggregator which pays me for my carbon offsets. This has made a huge difference in reducing the payback on my system… frosting on the alternative energy cake!
— Daniel Wilson, Farmer
I was invited to observe and sometimes help digging and mounting equipment. Doing this I learned a lot of the inner workings of my installation. I can only recommend getting involved in the physical process of installation. All of the above steps went very smooth. We are the first grid-tied PV installation on this utility.
— Peter Kienle, Jazz Musician
Thank you for your prompt response to our request for a site assessment. It was a mini educational workshop, home health checkup, site assessment and pleasant conversation all wrapped in one. We learned a lot.
— Robert Ochs, Pilot