Optimize And Assess Your Solar Potential


Ultimately, the way to find out if your location is appropriate for implementing a renewable energy system is to contact us at: solarindiana@yahoo.com and set up a phone call to discuss your site and your expectations of solar technology. If we can help we would further schedule a meet and greet or a site assessment.

A solar site meet and greet is gratis within Monroe and neighboring counties of South Central Indiana. A meet and greet results in a 4-5 page project estimate at no cost if Solar Systems of Indiana can meet your needs.

If you have a board of directors or a group of decision makers that require a detailed report and consulting for a potential project, then consider a more in depth site assessment and evaluation. A site assessment will bring a renewable energy expert to your site to determine the feasibility, appropriateness, general costs, and locate incentives for installing renewable energy systems such as solar electric or solar hot water. Solar Systems of Indiana are Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) certified renewable energy site assessors. There is a fee for a site assessment: $400/residential, $550/commercial, plus mileage. The fee is for a detailed 30+ page report, with full economic investment analysis of the project. 


To schedule a solar meet and greet or
site assessment for your home or business


Site Assessment Details

Each site will be professionally
surveyed for the following

  1. Quantify inherent renewable energy resource available thru obtaining multiple solar site readings.

  2. Determine client needs, expectations and reservations.

  3. Energy usage and energy demand.

  4. Energy conservation and energy efficiency potential.

  5. System placement and mounting options.

  6. Structural integrity of home or buildings.

  7. Utility requirements for inter-connection.

  8. Building permits required for implementing a renewable energy system.

  9. Insurance required for implementing a renewable energy system.

  10. Neighborhood building covenant or regulations.

Assessment will provide a detailed
report regarding ten prominent items

  1. Amount of harvestable solar energy available at site.

  2. Optimal system placement options.

  3. Recommendation for size and type of renewable energy system to meet energy needs and budget.

  4. Estimate system output of energy system based on available resource

  5. A general cost estimate based on budget and inherent solar resource.

  6. An analysis of energy needs, usage and trends.

  7. Energy conservation and efficiency recommendations.

  8. Economic cost/benefit analysis for investing a renewable energy system.

  9. Environmental benefit analysis.

  10. Next steps required to implement a renewable energy system.


The site assessment service will help determine the property's ability and readiness to harvest solar energy. A site assessment will provide specific information regarding how energy efficiency and renewable energy systems can be used together to help meet energy needs. An assessment is NOT a sales call, the assessment service will provide a site specific report that to the client that is completely unbiased enumerating, no specific products or services.

Solar Systems of Indiana are the only Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Certified Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) site assessors residing in the state of Indiana. MREA certified assessors have been provided with training, testing and assessment oversight.




Site Assessment Benefits

The site assessment is a useful tool when people or organizations are considering a renewable energy project. The report can be used to present a summary of information and options to a group of decision makers for their approval, such as a board of directors or a budget committee. A site assessment conducted by a certified site assessor provides an opportunity to talk with an experienced, objective third party about the characteristics and potential of the property. 

Solar Systems of Indiana has performed commercial PV site assessments for Hoosier Energy, Ball State University, The City of Bloomington, Herndon Architects, Helm Test, South Central Indiana - REMC Martinsville Headquarters, WFHB Community Radio, Greencastle Vet. Clinic, Bloomington North High School, The Caldwell Center, JFW Industries, Helm Test, Inc. and Associates, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity as well as numerous residential clients. 




You can make a difference. 
Conservation is the first step.


Home Energy

Typical Household Energy Use:
50% - Heating and Cooling
14% - Water Heater
10% - Lighting
8 % - Other ( Microwave, Stoves, Ovens, Coffeemaker and Dehumidifiers)
6 % - Washer and Dryer
6 % - Electronics
5 % - Refrigerator
1 % - Dishwasher


Appliance Typical Wattage  (W)
Central Air Conditioning 2,300-6,500W
Dishwasher 1,200W
Electric Clothes Dryer 5,500W
Electric Space Heating 2,000-10,000W
Electric Water Heater (50 Gallon) 4,500W
Freezer 540-700W
Hair Dryer 1,500W
Room Air Conditioner 500-1,500W
Toaster 1,150W